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Our Story


For co-founders of Brooklyn Lights; Aren Arkarakas and Steve Turac, jewellery wasn’t just about the splendour of gemstones and designs. For them, jewellery represented a vessel for change.

Competitors for 15 years, the two visionaries were completely unaware of what a late night conversation and more importantly their friendship—and partnership—would ignite several years later. Between two vastly different lifestyles; Aren’s family life in Toronto, and Steve’s nomadic lifestyle around the world, the two bridged their common need to bring a conscious purpose to their lives, as well as to the industry.

For Aren Arkarakas, his biggest inspiration arrived the day his daughter, Brooklyn was born. And it seems her destiny was also carved into stone, because that is how Brooklyn Lights first got its name. Through Brooklyn, Aren discovered how much more there was to life than spending his days just working. He was determined to leave a lasting legacy for his daughter, and through his work, teach her the importance of connecting with others, and embracing the value of life—in all its forms.

Empowering the relationship between sophistication and significance, Steve Turac brought another sense of purpose to the Brooklyn Lights brand. Through conscious living and adopting a plant-based lifestyle, Steve represents a sincere example of what it means to preserve the integrity of our planet and its people . Along with caring for his charming dog, Betsy, over the last 13 years, and advocating for both animal welfare and human rights, Steve discovered a sustainable and effective way to bring his mission to life to make a positive change.


Together, the two created a movement, and Brooklyn Lights shined brighter than ever.

Within all the finely detailed pieces made from eco-conscious materials, the Brooklyn Lights brand tells the story of life, of compassion, and of celebration. Each detail is crafted with purpose, and worn with pride, because each piece represents a journey.

The collections are inspired by the distinct yet minimal aesthetics of human nature, the environment, and all forms of life in between. The brand is a voice. And the time has come for that voice to be heard. And in this case, worn.

Discover the minds behind the look-good feel-good brand using delicate pieces to make powerful statements.